Artist biographies for inspiration.

About Space Invader – Artist Biography

Whether you consider him a genius, an innovator or a public nuisance and a vandal, Space Invader is most certainly a powerful force in modern street art. His style involves a heavy use of mosaics, […]

Andre Street Artist Biography

“Graffiti is more about the action than its result.” So is the way of life for the man whom street artists and fans call Andre, Monsieur A. or Monsieur Andre. His iconic image of a […]

Andy Warhol Biography – Life, Death, and Inspiration

Andy Warhol was good. He was very good. But the uncertainty lingers like an immortal Jeopardy question: Andy Warhol was very good at what? Warhol has been labeled artist, celebrity, writer, filmmaker, jet setter, philosopher, […]

Banksy: The “Biography” of a Graffiti Street Art Legend

The name Banksy ignites controversy, starts conversations and piques curiosity. Banksy is undoubtedly the most controversial street artist to emerge on the global stage. The fact that his identity remains unknown after 20 years on […]

Ben Eine Street Artist Biograaphy

The renowned street artist Ben Eine was born Ben Flynn in London, England in 1970. Eine claims there is a clear distinction between graffiti and street art, stating that graffiti makes the street ugly while […]

Blek Le Rat – Biography of a Street Artist

The Influence of Blek le Rat Street Stencils, Rats and Walls One of the godfathers of the European street art movement, Blek le Rat inspired hundreds of artists around the world with his stenciled style. […]

Futura Grand Master

If there is any sense of a graffiti community in today’s world, a sense of street art society no matter how intangible, it owes its existence in part to the artist known as Futura. He […]

Imbue Street Artist Biography

“In a thousand years’ time, if they look back at us, will they think people worshipped Barbie?” –Imbue Perish the thought, but, just in case, there’s Imbue. Call him a smart aleck, a wisecracker, a […]

INSA Street Artist Biography

INSA was born in the United Kingdom and began painting at the age of 12. Prior to this age, he made low, low budget horror films with his friends, and even counts Nightmare on Elm […]

Jean Michel Basquiat Bio: Graffiti Artist Turned Sociopolitical Force

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s beginning in Brooklyn, New York on December 22, 1960 was a modest one, unconnected with the sophisticated art shows and famous partnerships he would someday experience. This street artist turned high profile painter, […]

Jef Aerosol Street Artist Biography

Jef Aerosol was an early pioneer of street art, having begun his artistic career in 1982 in Tours, France. His street art and gallery paintings are exhibited all over the world, and he is known […]

JR Street Artist Biography

“The life you get is never the one you plan.” That unattributed quote could have been spoken by any number of street artists, but it’s especially suited for JR. An accidental lost-and-found experience led him […]

Keith Haring Street Artist Biography

Keith Haring was an American artist and social activist responding to New York City’s street culture of the 1980s. His work is about birth, death, sex and war – very fitting for the period in […]

King Robbo Graffiti Artist Biography

Who is King Robbo? To the general public, there’s a thin line between professional street artists and graffiti punks. King Robbo might describe himself as both. We know from BBC interviews that Robbo has children. […]

Mr Brainwash – Biography of “Street Artist” Thierry Guetta

A deep dive into the Confusing and Controversial History of Tierry Guetta aka Mr. Brainwash. Rising to prominence due to a heavily hyped exhibition and a Banksy-directed documentary entitled, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” the […]

Pure Evil

Somewhere between the 1535 execution of Sir Thomas More and , Charles Uzzell Edwards became the street artist known as Pure Evil. It’s a pairing of odd lineage that has produced fanged bunnies and Warhol-esque […]

Roa Street Artist Biography

Beasts, brutes and other animals became his essence. He captured them in a distinctive black and white style and created a popular worldwide following. He has produced some of the largest and most recognizable paintings […]

Shepard Fairey – Life and Biography

Controversy, Copyrights and Graffiti Shepard Fairey is a polarizing figure in the world of street art. His major works have made as much of an impact as the works of Space Invader and Banksy, although […]

Stik Street Artist Biography

“It’s the only thing in my life that I feel this strongly about.” Stik makes for an odd figure in the world of street art. He creates cunningly simple lines and shapes that echo the […]


The portfolio of Portuguese artist Vhils is unique among the world’s street community. He has torn, drilled and blasted his way around the globe to create uncommon and striking portraits of the common citizen. From […]