Featured Tutorial

Printing T-shirts This tutorial deals with printing up low cost t-shirts with your existing stencils using paint. There are many ways to print stencils up on shirts, silk screens etc, but this is the cheapest […]

Adobe Illustrator 101: Tutorial

Classic repost of Adobe Illustrator Tutorial by “House“ Adobe Illustrator 101. (Using Adobe Illustrator CS) Ok this is a tut for illustrator, but there are a few differences between illustrator and photoshop you should know. […]

Asphalt Mosaics Tutorial – A Hot Weather Activity for Lonely Asphalt Near You

Classic repost from “Echo Reverb“ Asphalt Mosaics: An Excerpt from: Recipes for Disaster (an anarchist cookbook) This is a method for making colorful, permanent mosaic installations in asphalt roads and lots. Like glass, asphalt appears […]

Convert a Color Photo to Single Layered Stencil with Photoshop

Ok, I have had quite a few requests for this tutorial, so I thought I should explain the process I go through to create a single layer stencil from a color photo. Once you are […]

Guide to Basic Stencil Cut

So, for the first tutorial I thought it would be best to put up a basic stencil cutting tutorial for those still unsure about the basic process. Keep in mind that this is by no […]

How to Make a Sketchbook

This tutorial was written years ago for the original incarnation of stencilrevolution (before it was hacked and then hacked and then forgotten about until now!) I find this is more convenient for small books, which […]

How to Make Big Folding Stencils

Original tutorial posted by “PXL8” Every once in a while, we all consider making something big. however, unlike smaller stencils, these are hard to conceal and carry, posing many risks and problems. so here i’m […]

How to Make Moss Graffiti – The Step by Step “Grow” Guide

Before getting into our guide on how to make moss graffiti, let’s talk about the impact of paint in the graffiti world. Obviously paint is not the most environmentally friendly medium for artistic expression. A […]

How to Make Relief Prints

Poster Child’s Guide to relief printing! A relief print is made by creating a low relief on a flat surface, then coating that surface with ink and pressing paper (or some other medium) to the […]

How to Make Stencils in Photoshop

This is a way for making stencils that i use fairly frequently and it works very well for 2 or 3 layer stencils depending on if you want the background to be one of the […]

How to Make Wheat Pasting Containers

Classic repost from “Poster Child“ Although I’ve largely given up wheatpasting my posters in favor of less illegal and less marking means of getting up, I started postering with wheatpaste, and had to pick a […]

How to Recycle Your Old Drawings

Original post by Internal Error Ok so lately I have been chucking out a bunch of drawings that I didn’t like or need and thought it would be fun to put into practice something I […]

Quick n’ Dirty Gimp Tutorial

Originally posted by goblin. Okay, maybe not so quick. 😕 I am assuming that a user knows at least the very basics – how to open a file etc. Okay, I’ve just recently had to […]

Simple Guide to Letter Structure

Original post by “APM” Ok, so you wanna write your name, you wanna make it look good, there is a simple process to doing this, and so I will share the needed knowledge that most […]

The Ghostpatrol Guide to Making T-Shirts

As someone who really appreciates ghostpatrol street art, I was inspired to make this tutorial for t-shirt design. MATERIALS I use acetate stencils, I’m sure other stencils will work as well. They can’t be too […]

The Guide on How to Bleach Fabric

Here is my Bleaching Tutorial, exclusively for Stencil Revolution members. In 2002, I was hired by a small clothing company to invent a process by which we could produce images on garments that would be […]

The Guide to Using Chalk for Stencil Art

Why use chalk you say? I live on a huge college campus, and if you have an event going on, you can legally chalk it around campus, but your not allowed to use spray chalk […]

The Respirator Chemical Safety Guide

The Loki Safety guide To painting the world. The number one form of protection any aerosol artist should invest in is a respirator. The common question seems to be “Is it worth the money?” The […]