What is Stencil Revolution?

Stencil Revolution is the original community for stencil artists created in the early days of Internet. Since then, we’ve become the top destination for both new and experienced artists to learn and connect.

With a collection of expert artists ready to pitch in, we made the leap into producing laser cut stencils in 2016. Since then we’ve been creating beautiful custom-cut stencils for happy clients all over the world. Our passion for stencils is evident in everything we do, down to our packaging and shirts.


Our shop is based out of New York where we produce and ship all of our stencils. We have a team of skilled stencil designers, laser techs, and customer service reps who are experienced with all forms of stencil art and production.

Stencil Revolution
465 Shore Road
Long Beach, New York, 11561
United States

If you have any questions you can contact us here and we’ll get back to you right away. We thank you for putting your trust in Stencil Revolution and supporting our community!