Americans Working Overhead

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The mysterious Banksy is one of Europe’s most influential artists and the world’s most famous graffiti artist. His work spans across major cities of the world, and covers a wide range of political and social issues facing the world today. The artist has created many works that involve soldiers and themes of war, often depicting them in ways that challenge our government leaders’ decisions about when and how military force is used. The “Americans Working Overhead” piece by Banksy is one of his many anti-war and perhaps anti-Bush works of art in protest of the deployment of Americans overseas.

The piece, which was created on a sign that was discovered in the English countryside, features the silhouette of a helicopter flying in the air with soldiers below, running on foot, all of which is contained within a bold, red circle. Underneath the circle, in black lettering, reads AMERICANS WORKING OVERHEAD “. Banksy seems to be criticizing America’s readiness to go to war, putting Americans to work “overhead” in the skies in helicopters and other flying war machines.

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