Amy Winehouse

Like This Banksy Art?

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A stenciled spray painting of the much-beloved singer Amy Winehouse was found soon after her tragic death, graffitied on a wall of one of her favorite restaurants, The Hawley Arms, in Camden, England, very near her home. The painting is attributed to the elusive and shadowy street artist known only as Banksy.

The tender Banksy tribute shows the singer with her well-known beehive hairdo and her ubiquitous tattoos, with angel’s wings sprouting from her back. Near her feet a winged Pegasus is following in her footsteps, as if guiding her on her next journey.

The star, who died of alcohol poisoning in July of 2011, was an extremely talented singer, winning five Grammy awards for her 2006 album Back to Black. The graffiti tribute appeared within days of her death. Banksy has never formally acknowledged that the artwork is his.

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