Kissing Coppers Police

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Banksy Kissing Coppers Police is a painting Banksy did in 2004 on the side of the Prince Albert Pub near Trafalgar Street in Brighton, England. It became a tourist attraction, but will soon be shipped to New York, where a private dealer is interested in auctioning the work. The picture shows two English policemen in a sensual kiss. They are wearing short-sleeved shirts; the insignias on the shirts suggest some rank. On one, the handcuffs are visible; on the other, his nightstick.

The varying shades of gray show that this is not a relationship the populace really understands. As policemen, they are partners, each having the others back. It is a close relationship because they depend on each other for their lives. The feeling is of taking care of each other, the billy club and handcuffs the tools of their trade.

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