Barbed Wire Heart Balloon

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Banksy began life in Bristol, England in 1974. His artistic life began in the late 1980s with the aerosol graffiti boom. From the year 2000 on, he has concentrated his stencil graffiti works to stencil on canvas, as he claims that the public graffiti art took him too long to produce. This delighted many contemporary art collectors who are avid Banksy aficionados. His collectors include celebrities as well as fans of the contemporary art scene from around the globe.

The Barbed Wire Heart Ballon depicts the tenuous aspect of love and probably began as a stencil on canvas dating its origin to the year 2000 or later. It pictures a vibrant orange heart balloon wearing a bandage snagged on a barbed wire fence. Perhaps the balloon can set itself free and perhaps not. In any case, as long as it remains caught on the thorny wire, it is trapped and in pain. Hopefully true love can set it free and stop the hurt.

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