Barcode Leopard Tiger

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Whether one calls it graffiti or urban art, Banksy is becoming a big name in the world of alternative art prints. Graffiti art is becoming ever more popular in the art world for its unique artistic quality and different take on common every day objects and subject matter. For those with a love for big cats, a great art choice is Banksy’s Barcode Leopard Tiger.

Not known to shy away from creativity, Banksy has created a monochrome print that depicts an escaped tiger outside of his cage. The cage has been transformed into a bar code symbol, with the bars themselves being the bar code print. Is this merely a cute way to display bars or is it a deeper symbolism calling for a discussion of illegal tiger trading on the world black market? Whether one chooses to take the print at face value or apply deeper meanings to the art work, it is an interesting piece.

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