Barcode Shark

Like This Banksy Art?

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The Banksy Barcode Shark piece is starkly black and white. The art piece is the image of a shark fin surfacing beneath a product barcode. Many artists have used the barcode as a symbol in art to represent anti-consumerism. The trend is continued in this graffiti art depicting the barcode as a symbol of greed, with the threat of the shark ever ready to attack its prey.

The image is popular, appearing on men’s and women’s t-shirts as well as hoodies and sweatshirts. When and where the image first appeared is unknown. It is presumed that the graffiti piece first appeared somewhere in England, most likely London in the early 2000s. Banksy has become a world-renowned artist.

The image once sold on eBay for as much as $120,000. Now this image is available for showcasing in a favorite room as a conversation piece. A feature of art is its ability to provoke emotion and thought in the buyer and the people who subsequently enjoy the art piece.

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