Black White HMV Rocket Dog

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Black White Hmv Rocket Dog first appeared in Bristol, England. The very first glance at this art piece conveys a stark sense of humor. The simple black-and-white, two-tone technique used in the print adds to the irony of the initial impact. The scene in the art piece depicts a hound with a shoulder-mounted bazooka rocket aimed casually at a gramophone. Holding the rocket launcher with a single paw, the hound in the print aims straight down the middle of the gramophone’s cone.

On a deeper level, this art piece shows the contrast between youth and old age, aged conservatism versus youthful liberalism. This effect is magnified by the artist’s choice of black and white colors exclusively. The gramophone seems to represent the elderly times when this device was the only means of musical entertainment. The dog’s intention in the print is to destroy the old ways for good.

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