Blank Walls are Criminal

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Blank Walls Are Criminal is a piece by arguably the most famous mystery graffiti artist in the entire world, Banksy. The piece itself is quite simple. It depicts a graffiti artist spray-painting the message Blank walls are criminal” on a blank wall. Despite its simplicity, Banksys high level of artistic talent is clearly shown in the depiction of the graffiti artist. There are subtle details to be found everywhere, such as the logo on the artists sleeve and the style of his shoes. Every detail is taken into account, even the unevenness of the artists spray-painted message.

The message of the piece is actually very straightforward. It is about making the most of everything. A blank wall is just that, an empty space. It would be a shame, a crime to not fill it with something. This is a print that will make people think about the blank walls” in their lives, and hopefully do something about them.

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