Boring Wall

Like This Banksy Art?

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Berwick Street in London loudly proclaimed Banksys sentiment in his piece Boring.” Or did it? It is true that this particular piece of graffiti art appeared in Soho, but, like most of Banksys work, did it express his true feelings or his outlook on society?

This work of art is anything but dull. The word itself is painted in red using large block letters. The paint drips from the bottom of the lettering as though it were too bored to adhere to the wall. A man wearing a suit and glasses is stenciled between the N” and the G”. He has his hand on his chin, as though he is pondering the deeper meaning of the word.

This juxtaposition is the true genius of Banksys work. Passersby will never know if Banksy is stating that he is bored with graffiti or bored with graffiti that is reduced to a single word. Of course, Banksy could be amused with art aficionados who try to find meaning in the meaningless — assuming that the word itself is meaningless.

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