Boy Painting Pink Heart

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Banksy, the most famous graffiti artist in the world, has made a mysterious name for himself by creating original, political, provocative works of art in the streets of cities across the world. His identity remains largely a secret, but his many works of art do not. One of the recurring themes that can be seen in Banksys works is the simple one of a heart, which could represent love, peace, and a number of other ideas. In his piece known as Boy Painting Pink Heart, Banksy shows a young boy with a troubled look on his face and a large paintbrush held in both of his hands. There is bright pink paint on the brush, and on the wall next to the boy there is a pink heart that he appears to have just drawn.

As for the meaning of the piece, it is not quite clear, but perhaps Banksy is just trying to make a simple statement about gender stereotypes; in Western popular culture, pink is the color of girls and femininity while blue is for boys. The boy pictured draws in pink, perhaps subverting this simplistic stereotype.

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