Bubble Girl

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This graffiti work Bubble Girl was originally located in Hackney, East London, England, with much of Banksys other works. It first appeared in February 2008 on a youth center. Banksy employs a very unique artistic approach with stenciling in order to transform typical city areas into street art that critiques and satirizes society. It is usually eye-catching but also has an element of dark humor.

This work depicts a young girl blowing bubbles sliding down a drainpipe. The girl seems to be able to find enjoyment even though her playground seems to consist of industrial piping. She seems to be oblivious to her actual surroundings and possibly even the problems and difficulties presented in the environment around her. This seems to mirror society. Oftentimes society overlooks the real problems that are presented directly to us and society continues to blow our bubbles in a carefree manner. Instead of trying to make changes, like the girl finding a real playground to play in, society chooses to instead simply adapt to the problems around them, much like Banksy adapts to each location that he creates a work on. For this particular case he actually used a real drainpipe and incorporated it into his work.

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