Chicken and the Egg

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The painting Chicken & Egg by Banksy was exhibited at the Lanzic Gallery in Soho, London, England in March 2006. Although most of Banksys work is stencil graffiti art, there are a few pieces that are in other media formats, such as oil paintings and pencil sketches. This painting happens to be a traditional stencil graffiti art.

This painting depicts a chicken peeing into a pan with an egg being prepared, seemingly sunny side up. It seems to be a modern interpretation of the classic question of whether or not the chicken or the egg came first. It also seems to depict the issue of a chicken peering into perhaps her own egg being cooked and eaten by a human. In terms of the chicken versus the egg, Banksy seems to comment that the answer really does not matter. Life itself is fragile enough and there are some things that are better left unexplained. After all, if everything had an answer, then there would be nothing worth exploring in the world. The painting is a little bit ironic in the sense that the two objects are the same and yet so different: the egg was a once potential egg, and the chicken, while it is a chicken, seems to be confused and unsure of its life. It is unclear which is better off in retrospect.

All critiques aside, this painting serves as a great conversation starter and might elicit a lot of conversation and discover, whether it be hung up in the kitchen or not.

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