Drunken Angel

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The Drunken Angel Canvas by Banksy, a British street artist, was first produced on the London Bridge. The painting shows a man with wings and halo, holding something in his right hand. The image is done in white on a black background. In front of the man/angel is a gray bottle with a red X on it. The style of the painting suggests world-weariness. The print is available in a variety of sizes, and in three-piece and eight-piece framing. It is also available as a black image on a white background.

The painting has an overall tired, frustrated feel to it. The wings and halo can mean good intentions; the posture of the angel shows the best effort was not enough; the object in his hand reminiscent of a cigarette; the bottle suggests alcohol. The interpretation is that hard effort does not necessarily improve reality. It is easy to turn to substance abuse to ease these feelings. The gray of the bottle and the red X suggest this route should be avoided. The way the angel is depicted, with shadowed areas implies he has given much.

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