Flower Aerial

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In 2007, Banksy stenciled a series of graffiti in Los Angeles, California. One of these, Flower Aerial, can be found on the wall of one of the gasoline stations adjacent to a carwash in Valero. It has been largely left alone by pedestrians and passing traffic. On some occasions, however, Banksy art enthusiasts can be seen gawking at it or taking pictures of it.

This street art is painted in solid black. It depicts a girl wearing a hat and holding a water can made for sprinkling flowers. She is standing before a television antenna that has several leaves sprouting from it. The girl has apparently been watering it, and the antenna has apparently grown” from this care.

The message implied by this guerilla art is the preoccupation of the young with television shows. They water” it with the large amount of time they spend glued to its screen. Their world revolves around it in a similar manner children of previous generations were preoccupied with caring for the plants that their families grew.

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