Flying Saucers Aliens by Banksy

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Originally appearing in Bristol, England, Flying Saucers Aliens is yet another ironically comical example of British street art. The clash between the modern and historical age is quite evident at first glance. Science fiction attacks impressionism in this art piece. Without the attacking flying saucers in the print, one could imagine this art piece as a stock selection available in any department store. The choice of injecting the alien attack into the bland scenery adds a welcomed sense of humor to the print.

This print captures the eye of the passerby through contrast. The bright green lasers shooting out of the alien spacecrafts clash with the sunset tones of the peaceful seaward background scene. One saucer is even depicted blasting the departing sea vessel with a direct hit, a clue the artist places in his work to the deeper meanings of the print.

Contemporary artists view pop culture derisively as beneath the dignity of true art. Flying Saucers by Banksy literally fights back against this negative presumption. Science fiction fights back against traditional, boring artistic representations of the past, and this effect is not lost on the casual art lover.

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