Follow Your Dreams Cancelled

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The famous street graffiti artist Banksy has left his mark in many cities around the world, from New Orleans to Israel’s West Bank security wall. Banksy’s pieces usually convey a meaning that is political or satirical in nature, often controversial, and always done in secret. Banksy’s “Follow Your Dreams” piece found in Boston is no different.

In May of 2010, a graffiti image appeared in the low-income area of Chinatown in Boston, Massachusetts. The image features a tired-looking male painter standing next to the seemingly painted on word, “FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS” painted in all black, all uppercase letters. Over those words are the words “CANCELLED” in white, all uppercase lettering with a red rectangle background, as if to signify that the notion of following one’s dreams has been cancelled. Over time this piece has become one of Banksy’s more popular works, even being produced in canvas prints and posters.

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