Forgive Us Our Trespassing by Banksy

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In 2010 Banksy produced Forgive Us Our Trespassing, a stenciled image of a boy kneeling in prayer and asking for forgiveness from God for defacing a wall. To promote the premiere of his film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which was featured in the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, he created this work and others around Park City and Salt Lake City. This work was left in a desolate area undergoing construction.

In this work an innocent boy wearing a baseball cap is featured in black and white, and in front of him is a brush and can with pink paint. The boy has just painted the words “forgive us our trespassing” prominently on the wall. In this work Banksy, represented by the boy, reveals his mixed feelings about being a graffiti artist. He acknowledges the concerns of those who see his work as vandalism, but he conveys that he ultimately means well. The pink color, which contrasts with the gloomy surroundings, symbolizes love and peace. In a world with so many injustices that go largely unaddressed as people acquiesce to the norm, Banksy finds it ironic that some see him as a vandal for attempting to provoke and stimulate thought on these injustices.

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