Fridge Kite

Like This Banksy Art?

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Banksy, world famous graffiti artist of England with a mysterious identity, has made a name for himself by creating beautiful and provocative works of graffiti art in cities all over the world. His art usually involves social or political commentary; he is known for his moving but sometimes disturbing imagery to communicate provocative messages. His many works featuring children often speak to the corrupt cultures they find themselves in, sometimes involving war via soldiers or extreme consumerism via symbols of capitalism.

In the case of Banksy’s Fridge Kite piece, while the meaning is not immediately apparent, it is possible that the artist is taking on the issue of poverty and showing how it affects children. The work features a silhouette of a child flying a kite ” but instead of a kite, there is a refrigerator at the end of his string flying in the wind. Some have interpreted the imagery as showing the fridge being so light and empty of food that it can fly in the air. Even if the child is poor and has no food, he still has his innocence, and his appetite for fun through flying kites, which makes the image bittersweet.

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