Gas Mask Girl

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This graffiti work by Banksy, Gas Mask Girl Pink, originally appeared on Brick Lane, on the corner with Woodseer St, in London, England. Today the location is rather faded, and oftentimes covered with posters advertising events.

The work shows a girl in pigtails wearing a gas mask. She is holding what appears to be a flower in which the petals are being blown off. The mask is potentially a visual for government oppression, because it represents the masks worn by the police themselves. The girl seems to look even alien-like, dehumanized. It is sad to think that a young girl would have her voice taken away, but the truth is that people all over the world have their voices taken away each and every day. Banksy may be pointing out that everyone deserves a voice, regardless of gender, age, race or beliefs, and that the government is not always the best at providing that. The flower petals being blown away may be representative of her position in the grand scheme of things, as someone that is easily cast aside and blown away, much like those who do not have accurate representation and support from the government.

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