Golf Sale

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The stencil graffiti Golf Sale by Banksy originally appears on the streets of Bristol, England. It is strange to think that with a few cans of spray paint a work like this can take form.

The work depicts a line of army tanks that are headed in the direction of a man who is holding a sign that reads Golf Sale” with an arrow underneath, seemingly pointing to the direction of the sale. This is a humorous piece, but it also has a lot of cultural implications as well. Banksy seems to be making an attack on the tanks and the army in general, saying that war is about as effective as firing off golf balls into the enemy fields. On the other hand, Banksy is also calling for standing up against the government. The man in the work is clearly a brave soul for standing in the way of three military vehicles, and, of all things, advertising a sale for golfing equipment. This work is a direct reference to the historical Tiananmen Square uprising against the Chinese government, in which a Chinese protestor stood in front of three tanks and would not let them pass. As they tried to maneuver around him, he would also move to stand in front of them.

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