Gorilla with Pink Mask

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Contemporary art lovers, especially those who appreciate the graphic art of Banksy, will be delighted to know that one of his graffiti works, Gorilla Mask Pink Ape Monkey, was also stenciled on canvas by the artist. This is good news for Banksy collectors because the original street art of the Mask Pink Ape was painted over by a person thinking he was improving the building.

The graffiti version was painted on the side wall of the Muslim Cultural Center in Bristol, England. The building was formerly home to a social club when Banksy painted his mural where it remained for ten years.

The Pink Ape Monkey is a stenciled piece on canvas depicting the head and shoulders of a gorilla, which takes up most of the composition. The gorilla has a look of curiosity on his face as he looks out at the viewers. The viewers, in turn, are undoubtedly looking back at him curiously as the gorilla, stenciled in mixed grays, is sporting a large, vivid pink mask such as one might see at a Mardi Gras ball.

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