Gun Yourself

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Gun Yourself is Banksys artistic rendering of the .45 Automatic Colt Pistol which was officially adopted by the United States Army as the M1911 pistol in March 1911. In the graffiti artists version of this gun, the barrel is pointing backwards. This is not immediately noticeable. The viewer who sees it in passing will definitely sense something odd and take a closer second look. He will notice that anyone who would hypothetically use this kind of weapon will be shooting himself or herself. The piece is done in Banksys typical black-and-white monochrome.

The piece implies that using a gun on someone will also harm the user. It is an established fact that people who use a firearm to injure or kill another human being for the first time often suffer a significant amount of psychological shock afterwards. This is a common occurrence among soldiers who have experienced combat to the first time. The trauma causes them to vomit once the danger has passed and the adrenalin rush has subsided. They are then left with ghosts in their consciences to grapple with.

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