Happy Choppers

Like This Banksy Art?

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The Banksy Happy Choppers-Helicopter is a piece of artwork by the famous yet anonymous graffiti artist. The print shows a squadron of amazingly detailed stenciled fighter choppers against a clear blue sky with a few bright clouds. As always with Banksy, the piece is extremely accurate to real life. The propellers are drawn correctly, as well as the landing wheels for each chopper. Look closely enough, and the silhouette of the fighter pilot in the leader chopper can also be seen.

Of course, it would not be a Banksy piece if there were not some thought-provoking matter going on. Atop the gray steel hull of the lead chopper sits a baby pink bowtie. This image can evoke quite a wide range of emotions. It is not inconceivable that some may think the piece makes light of war, while others may think of it as looking on the bright side of things. Some may just see it as nothing more than a squadron of fighter choppers who are enjoying a clear blue sky for flying.

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