Heavy Weaponry Rocket Bomb Elephant

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Heavy Weaponry Rocket Bomb Elephant originally appeared in Barcelona, Spain. With a science-fiction style rocket belted to its back, a minimally depicted elephant strolls forward naturally in this art piece. The general impact of the print is heavy with irony not lost on even the casual passerby on the street. The vibrant background coloring only helps to magnify this first impression.

When presenting this art piece at home, graffiti art enthusiasts should consider placing it on a primary wall. This print demands an upfront, prominent position to complement the ironic punch of the art piece. The dynamic interplay of colorful background and two-tone foreground creates a contrast that must be accented well.

Looking closer at the details of the elephant depicted in the foreground, shades of grey appear subtly to give the art piece the illusion of movement. The elephant is carrying the rocket, and this aspect is significant to play on the words heavy weaponry” in the print’s title. The rocket is inert in the art piece, strapped to the elephant’s back with a generic-appearing belt and buckle. Both rocket and elephant appear to have a vague representation of a face, suggesting that both are alive, further connecting these two facets of the print.

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