Hooded Man with Knife

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This work was originally street graffiti located at Eagle Wharf Road and Shepardess Walk in London, England. The neighborhood sits on a tranquil canal and is rather upscale, home to new housing developments taking advantage of the views. But dont go looking for this bit of public art. It was painted over and completely obliterated in June 2010.

Fortunately for Banksy fans, the artist stenciled The Hooded Man with Knife on canvas and made it available to all who appreciate contemporary art.

The Hooded Man is Banksy at his edgiest. The stencil work is striking in shades of black and gray, and shows a lone sitting man dressed like a street thug holding a knife. The depiction is of total violence until the viewer notices a stab wound on the mans shoulder from which blood has formed into the shape of a red flower ” the only color in the composition.

Did the hooded man stab himself? Was he in a knife fight and his opponent stabbed him? Why did his bleeding wound form what would be considered the peaceful shape of a flower? Is the hooded man dying because of a violent knife fight and the flower represents the end of violence? The viewer must decide for himself.

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