I Am Your Father

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The famed graffiti art I Am Your Father by BanksyBlank Walls Are Criminal plays on science fiction pop culture cleverly. In one manner of speaking, the art is like a pun that echoes the epically climactic quote from the legendary Star Wars franchise. At a glance, the print has a childish playfulness, but a closer look reveals much more.

Facing each other as if in confrontation, an Imperial Empire AT-ST and AT-AT Walker seem to question one another. The smaller AT-ST with a hovering question mark stands before the towering AT-AT Walker who appears to menace his alleged offspring. The AT-AT’s single stride towards the AT-ST and play on Darth Vader’s infamous revelation to his son Luke Skywalker mirrors the film’s tension.

Utilizing black-and-white simplicity, the I Am Your Father art piece possesses a dual meaning too. The play on pop culture is only the surface aspect of the piece. Delving deeper, one questions the plight of a fatherless son meeting his father for the first time. Displaying this art piece in a small portrait frame would complement the irony of the piece distinctly. This graphic represents the broken family through the distortion of pop culture, an interpretation that sets I Am Father apart from similar Banksy graffiti art.

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