If At First You Don’t Succeed Call Airstike

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The graffiti work If At First You Don’t Succeed Call Airstike by the artist Banksy originally appeared in San Francisco, California, in the United States. Over 30 days, Banksy decorated the city of San Francisco with 10 different works. This particular work appeared on the side of a building, at the corner of Broadway and Columbus.

This work displays a masked man with a book bag, seemingly Banksy himself, next to the quote If at first you dont succeed, call an airstrike”. This work was meant to deeply criticize the United States. In foreign eyes, the United States can seem to be a very airstrike-friendly” country, choosing to solve its problems with military power and force rather than negotiation and communication. Banksy may also be digging into another deeper issue with politics in general. It seems like larger countries will always try to dominate and intimidate smaller and less-developed countries with their weapons. Any conflict seems to be solved with threats rather than real diplomacy. The United States is also notorious for being in love with the idea of war, as seen by some political parties, and citizens as well who support military spending and less strict gun control. So yes, if at first you don’t succeed, you could try try again or you could call an airstrike.

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