Kids on Guns Hills

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There are about 40 Banksy pieces in Londons Andipa Gallery. One of the more serious and moving of these is Kids On Guns Hill. The work is done on a 51cm x 51cm square canvas using spray paint. It is another work depicting his iconic balloon girl. The simplicity and severity of the color contrasts gives it both beauty and deeper meaning, making it one of the artists more somber pieces.

It shows two children, a boy and a girl on top of a small hill with various guns and bombs littered about. The boy is holding a teddy bear on one arm while his other arm appears to be around the girls shoulders. The girl is holding a heart-shaped balloon on a string. The boy, the girl, the small hill, the teddy bear and the weapons are all done in solid black akin to a silhouette. This focuses the eye on the only bright spot of color in the canvas, the vivid red of the heart-shaped balloon.

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