Kneeling Angles

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In May 2008, Banksy organized an urban art festival that showcased street art by 40 of the worlds top graffiti artists. The walls of an unused Eurostar underground tunnel beneath Waterloo Station in London were used as the canvas for these graffiti masterpieces. The event was dubbed The Can Festival, obviously a play on the Cannes Film Festival in France. Kneeling Angles was one of a number of pieces contributed by Banksy.

This angel artwork by Banksy was also called Two Angels Crouching” or Devil and Angel Beneath The Moon” by those who viewed it. It depicts two women sitting on their haunches beneath a large full moon, one with doves wings and the other with bats wings. The former is naked and barefoot while the other is wearing a black cocktail gown and high-heeled boots. Their facial features, however, look very similar.

The message of this art may be an allusion to the duality of human nature that shifts from one to the other when triggered by certain stimuli such as the fullness of the moon. It may also mean that devils and angels basically have the same make-up. Their choices, however, make them different from each other.

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