La American Flag Gold

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La American Flag Gold first appeared in London, England. The initial sense of the print’s irony is not lost on those familiar with American history. Using shades of black and yellow, the artist creates a caricature of the famous photo of U.S. Marines lifting the American flag after the battle of Iwo Jima. In place of military men young people in loose-fitting garb lift the American flag on top of an old, demolished automobile. In the print’s background the artist depicts the rising sun dramatically.

A veteran of the American military would perhaps take offense to the caricature of American history in this art piece. This impact is likely intentional on behalf of the artist. The political implications of this print are quite political even at first glance. The artist’s decision to use young people in the art piece is interesting considering the print plays on World War II history.

Hanging this art piece in a prominent location in a home would be a good choice. The political slant of this print demands an audience. The two youths standing on top of the wrecked vehicle gaze outwardly at the passersby as if to portray a sense of pride and conquering victory.

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