Living The Dream

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When Banksys documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop” was nominated for an Academy Award during the 2011 Oscars, Los Angeles was bombed” with several pieces of graffiti by the artist. The most prominent and controversial among them was Living The Dream. It was spotted on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard advertising The Light Group, a club and restaurant company based in Las Vegas. Due to the controversial nature of the graffiti, it was torn down by CBS Outdoor, the billboards owner.

The original billboard showed a sexy model partying in the middle of the advertisement. Banksy added an obviously intoxicated Mickey Mouse to her right. The cartoon character is depicted as holding a cocktail drink in one hand. His other arm is around the models back with his hand groping her breast. On the models left side Banksy added a Minnie Mouse whose bloodshot eyes imply the use of recreational drugs. She is apparently cheering her husband on and appears to be offering the model something to smoke.

The addition of the two popular Walt Disney cartoon characters voices out what the original advertisement implied ” party equals booze plus sexy bimbo plus drugs

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