London Calling

Like This Banksy Art?

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Banksy certainly has his finger on the pulse of society, as is evidenced in London Calling. Banksy effortlessly mixes original rock and roll, punk music, and the modern in this iconic piece of graffiti art.

The piece itself, done in stark black and white stencil, shows a man dashing an office chair to the ground. In an intriguing case of life imitating art imitating life, this work is a spin on The Clashs album of the same name. The album cover is a slightly unfocussed picture of Simonon dashing his guitar on the stage floor during their 1979 tour at the Palladium in New York. Ray Lowry designed the album cover as an homage to Elvis Presleys first album.

Banksy takes this homage one step further by replacing the guitar with an office chair. Instead of reflecting the ultimate expression of a musicians rage, Banksys graffiti gently mocks the frustration of the modern office worker and the mind-numbing daily grind he faces.

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