Mona Lisa with Bazooka Rocket

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The world famous UK-based graffiti artist Banksy is no stranger to controversy. Many of his pieces are politically motivated in the vein of social and cultural criticism of war, capitalism and politicians. The artist is also no stranger to a little satirical humor, though, which he cleverly conveys in some of his less serious but just as thought-provoking pieces. This is the case with his piece known as Mona Lisa with Bazooka Rocket, which was originally located in London, UK.

In this simple and comical piece, the viewer sees Mona Lisa wearing her classic ambiguous facial expression, but instead of sitting idly with her hands folded, she is holding a bazooka rocket and wearing a headset as if she is a soldier. The message Banksy is trying to convey is unclear. Perhaps he is showing how numb people and soldiers have grown to war and violence that their feelings can be summed up in Mona Lisas cool, calm expression of nothing in particular.

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