Monkey Detonator Banana Bomb

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There is a famous quote by the underground Bristol-born street artist known only as Banksy, which says that the authorities don’t approve of graffiti because they believe that only those things that make a profit have a right to exist. Of course, most of Banksy’s sardonic and telling graffiti wall-art does make a profit these days.

Take his controversially famous Monkey Detonator Banana Bomb, for example. Originally painted using Banksy’s famous stencil technique on a set of doors near the underground Waterloo Railway station, the work was of a monkey jumping on an old-fashioned detonator with wires leading to a bunch of bananas.

Shortly after Banksy painted this piece of graffiti, railway workers ham-handedly painted over it, claiming that the city council ordered them to cover the art. This caused so much controversy in the area that the railway now instructs its workers to report any new Banksy works of art.

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