No Future Girl Balloon

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One of Banksys more poignant guerrilla art pieces is the No Future Girl Balloon. It was found one day spray-painted on the wall of a private house in Bevois Valley, Southampton, England. Many people speculated that he probably did this work while on his way to the Isle of Wight where more of his graffiti pieces can be found.

For an area known for its thriving nightlife, the message this mural communicates is particularly pointed and distressing. Sadly, someone whitewashed it in November 2010. The Southampton Council claims that it had nothing to do with this because the Banksy street art was painted on private property. It was thus outside their purview. Many local residents were saddened by the destruction of such artwork.

The mural is another of Banksys iconic balloon girl graffiti. This version, however, is done in monochrome, black and white, as opposed to the other solid black silhouette-like versions. The girl depicted looks like she is of school age, or close to it. Her countenance reflects the bleakness and despair that she sees” in her future. A string links her hand to the letter O” in the phrase NO FUTURE” above her in dramatic red. This expresses is an ironic contrast to the usual meaning that a balloon in the hand of a child conveys.

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