Old Skool

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Banksy, UK-based graffiti artist of worldwide fame and respect, has tagged cities across the globe with provocative art over the years. His work often deals with controversial themes such as war, militarism, capitalism and other topics. However, now and then the artist will create something a little less intense and more playful. That is the case with the piece known as “Old Skool,” which was originally located in Clerkenwell Street in London, UK.

The piece features four older men dressed as B-Boys in traditional old school” fashion of the 1980s and early 90s. Banksy appears to be playing on the word old” by putting these elderly men ” one of whom is posing with a portable stereo as was popular during that time and another who is leaning over his walker while the other two pose cross armed ” in the position of young B-Boys who did break dancing in city streets, wore baggy clothes, and blasted early hip-hop music from their portable stereos.

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