Out of Bed Rat

Like This Banksy Art?

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With the rise of graffiti and modern art, Banksy has quickly become a favorite. One of his interesting pieces is entitled Out of Bed Rat.” This unique piece of urban art is interesting to look at as an art piece alone or can create conversations about the subject matter.

This unique rat print answers the age-old question, “I’m out of bed, what more do you want?” The larger-than-life black rat seems to have a penchant for graffiti, painting out the fact that it is awake as its own statement. The fact that the print is involved in its own graffiti adds a bit of humor and provides a topic for great in-depth discussions.

This artwork makes a great black and white canvas for a master bedroom or guest room. Although monochrome with a splash of red, this art piece can still complement a bedroom with vibrant colors. Experts suggest using a touch of black to decorate every room. In addition, adding a colored frame to the piece will add that much-needed hint of color. Due to the subject matter, anyone who stares at pictures before going to sleep or who has a fear of rats may not want to make Bed Rat a bedroom bed fellow.

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