Banksy Art Prints

Tesco Sandcastle

Tesco Sandcastle originally appeared in Hastings, England. In this art piece a child sits among five sandcastles that surround a larger sandcastle. On top of this center castle flies a tiny representation of the British flag. The most poignant aspect of the print is the name Tesco” written on each of the five sandcastles as […]

Tesco Tomato Soup Can

This Banksy painting is a parody of the work of Andy Worhol. Using a product from a large grocery chain in England, Tesco Tomato Soup can, it recalls Worhols Campbells Soup painting. The work is simply an image of a can of tomato soup, the label reproduced accurately: blue stripes on a white background; the […]

Tesco Bag Flag Tesco Generation

Tesco Bag Flag Tesco Generation originally appeared on Essex Road in Islington, England. The scene in this art piece shows three children giving all manner of respect to a hastily lifted Tesco bag that flies like a flag in the breeze. One young lad hoists the Tesco plastic bag as the other two children, a […]

Sunflower Field Gas Mask Girl

This graffiti work Sunflower Field Gas Mask Girl by the artist Banksy was originally located in London, England. The painting depicts a masked man who appears to have just finished spraying a graffiti sunflower onto a trash can. Instead of his face in the mask, there is a view of a meadow of flowers. It […]

Sperm Alarm

Sperm Alarm originally appeared on a wall outside of the Hesperia Hotel in London. The work involves 15 pink sperm swarming around a red fire alarm. The sperm appear to be trying to impregnate the alarm. The original artwork was cut down from the wall where it appeared and was later listed on eBay at […]

Space Girl and Bird

Space Girl and Bird first appeared in Chicago, Illinois. The initial impact of this art piece gives the casual passerby a sense of warm, childish innocence. The artist’s choice of soft, feminine colors highlights the sense of peace in the print. Above the girl in a spacesuit, a dripping pink heart floats high as she […]

Smiley Grim Reaper Death On A Clock

One of Banksys popular icons aside from the Balloon Girl is the Smiley Grim Reaper. It is one of his earliest street pieces in East London. One of his artwork that used this icon may have been whitewashed during the anti-graffiti sweep imposed by the city council in 2007. One of the pieces featuring this […]

Silent Night Madonna with Child and iPod

This print Silent Night Madonna with Child and iPod by the artist Banksy originally appears in London, England. It is one of the few paintings that Banksy has made because his art is mostly graffiti based. The work is a modern twist on a classic painting of Mary and baby Jesus. At the time that […]

Rude Coppers

Rude Coppers first appeared in London, England. This art piece has an undeniably rude impact at first glance and arguably ranks among Banksy’s most forceful prints. Lifting their middle fingers, two policemen insult the passerby while simultaneously making a strong political statement against authority. The print’s oversized fists give the art a sense of depth […]

Rat Stencil

Rat Stencil by Banksy is a series of paintings the graffiti artist has done all over the world. This one appeared in 2002. It shows a black rat with a briefcase and umbrella. He looks at the sky with foreboding. There are nuts and bolts on the painting, suggesting a cover of some sort. The […]

System Error Has Occurred

World-famous graffiti artist Banksy has captured the attention of art lovers everywhere with his provocative work in various cities around the world. The artist has a history of conveying the ills of modern society ” through technological advances, for example. He seems to touch on this theme in his piece titled System Error Has Occurred, […]

Pooh Bear Trap

Pooh Bear Trap by Banksy originally appeared in the artists hometown of Bristol, England. The work is a black-and-white stencil of AA Milnes creation Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh has his foot caught in what seems to be a bear tap, and next to it a tipped over jar of money. In AA Milnes […]