Banksy Art Prints

Out of Bed Rat

With the rise of graffiti and modern art, Banksy has quickly become a favorite. One of his interesting pieces is entitled Out of Bed Rat.” This unique piece of urban art is interesting to look at as an art piece alone or can create conversations about the subject matter. This unique rat print answers the […]

Peeing Dog

The fourth Banksy piece discovered in Los Angeles around mid-February 2011 was the Peeing Dog. It was found painted on the wall of a building along Little Santa Monica Boulevard between Century City and Beverly Hills. This piece, however, was not as popular as the other three pieces that preceded it. It was overshadowed by […]

Old Tweety Bird

The graffiti artist known as Banksy has captured public attention for years with his work in the streets of various cities around the world. The artists work is always thought-provoking, be it darkly political or satirical in theme or more ironic and funny. In the artists piece known as Old Tweety Bird, which was found […]

Old Skool

Banksy, UK-based graffiti artist of worldwide fame and respect, has tagged cities across the globe with provocative art over the years. His work often deals with controversial themes such as war, militarism, capitalism and other topics. However, now and then the artist will create something a little less intense and more playful. That is the […]

Nola Girl with Umbrella

Nola Girl with Umbrella appeared on a New Orleans wall when Banksy was there in 2008. On a gray background is a girl dressed in black, holding a black umbrella. Rain falls from the umbrella like spaghetti, but it is raining under the umbrella, not over the top. The girl holds out her hand to […]

No Trespassing Indian

No Trespassing Indian was painted in the Mission District of San Francisco around 2010. It shows an Indian sitting on the ground, quiver of arrows on his back, feathers upright, hair in a ponytail. He is holding a No Trespassing sign. The wall is brown and has tags and a barred window. The Indian sits […]

No Future Girl Balloon

One of Banksys more poignant guerrilla art pieces is the No Future Girl Balloon. It was found one day spray-painted on the wall of a private house in Bevois Valley, Southampton, England. Many people speculated that he probably did this work while on his way to the Isle of Wight where more of his graffiti […]


Originally appearing in London, England, Nighthawks is a comical, shocking print. A shirtless man in British flag underpants and sneakers accosts the patrons of an American-style diner after breaking the window of the establishment. Strewn about the belligerent are two patio chairs, suggesting perhaps that the angry man used one of these to crack the […]

Naked Man Hanging from Window

Banksy Naked Man Hanging from Window was originally painted on a wall in Park Street, Bristol, England in about 2006. The painting depicts a naked man hanging from a windowsill as a suited man looks out in another direction. There is a woman behind him in her underthings. At first the symbolism strikes the viewer […]


Banksy, world-famous graffiti artist, continues to fascinate people around the world with his socially conscious artwork in cities everywhere. He is often attracted to cities where there is social or political unrest, which explains the multiple works he has created in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana after the devastating Hurricane Katrina damaged much of […]

Monkey TNT Detonator

Perhaps one of mysterious graffiti artist Banksys most iconic works is his famed Monkey Detonator piece. The piece shows a monkey about to jump on a detonator, presumably to ignite some sort of bomb. As is usually the case with an artistic genius like Banksy, everything is beautifully drawn. From the detonator to the monkey […]

Mona Lisa with Bazooka Rocket

The world famous UK-based graffiti artist Banksy is no stranger to controversy. Many of his pieces are politically motivated in the vein of social and cultural criticism of war, capitalism and politicians. The artist is also no stranger to a little satirical humor, though, which he cleverly conveys in some of his less serious but […]