Peeing Dog

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The fourth Banksy piece discovered in Los Angeles around mid-February 2011 was the Peeing Dog. It was found painted on the wall of a building along Little Santa Monica Boulevard between Century City and Beverly Hills. This piece, however, was not as popular as the other three pieces that preceded it. It was overshadowed by the more visible Mickey and Minnie Mouse graffiti on a billboard on Sunset Boulevard. Banksys documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop” was nominated in that years Oscar awards. The artist was probably also in Los Angeles for the event and, some say, subversively publicized the film through graffiti.

This street art of Banksy depicts a monochrome dog, which appears to be a bulldog, urinating on the side of the wall. The urine, painted in yellow, moves in an upward direction for several feet behind the dog. It gives the viewer the impression that the dog is peeing upwards behind him and towards the sky. The meaning of this piece is unclear. It may be Banksys way of taunting the gods” who preside over the Oscars.

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