Pink Balloon Police Guard

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The Banksy Police Guard Pink Balloon Dog has two versions. One version has the muzzled pink balloon dog on the monochrome guards right-hand side. This was found in May 2010 on the wall of old police headquarters for the province of Ontario. The piece may be seen as an allusion to what the building was used for before.

A reverse image, balloon dog on the left, appeared a month later in a wire-fenced building on the corner of La Brea and 4th in Los Angeles, California. The La Brea piece has a WARNING Guard on Duty” sign above his head. This is quite ironic considering Banksy was able to bomb” this wall, making the sign an obvious lie.

What happened to both of these art pieces a few days later is rather sad. The Ontario piece was defaced a few days later. A dodo was painted on the guards head. The balloon dog had the word Grrr!” issuing from its mouth. The words Robbing Banks” were painted beside the piece in yellow. The La Brea version was removed ” some say stolen ” just days after it was put up.

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