Pink Barcode Shark

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As recently as September, 2012, a canvas by Banksy fetched the highest single bid at a contemporary art auction in Bloomsbury, London. The winning bid for the black-on-white shark-shaped barcode — 30,000!

Now Banksys Pink Barcode Shark print on canvas is affordable and available for anyone who has an appreciation for the artists wry sense of humor. The shark appears to swim underneath the barcode, lifting the codes stripes to outline its body. The shark is set slightly askew so that it seems to be swimming diagonally across the canvas from the upper left to the lower right, with its dorsal fin piercing the barcodes center.

The print itself conjures the refrain, Buy now! Prices slashed for a limited time only!” Perhaps, on one level, Banksy pokes fun at such commercials, using a shark fin to slice the barcode. Perhaps, on another level, Banksy points out the terrible danger that lurks beneath societys rampant consumerism. Rising consumer debt as the world recovers from recession is certainly dangerous. The belief that ones true worth lies in the monetary value of his possessions is far more deadly.

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