Pooh Bear Trap

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Pooh Bear Trap by Banksy originally appeared in the artists hometown of Bristol, England. The work is a black-and-white stencil of AA Milnes creation Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh has his foot caught in what seems to be a bear tap, and next to it a tipped over jar of money. In AA Milnes stories, Winnie the Pooh never got trapped in a bear trap, nor did he have a jar of money, but he did have a jar of honey, and he and his companion did enjoy setting up traps for creatures.

It is unclear exactly who Winnie the Pooh is meant to represent, but it is clear that whoever it is, they have been trapped in their process or journey of obtaining money. Perhaps Banksy himself is represented in Pooh Bear; he does not make a significant amount of money, especially because most of his works are graffiti and are often painted over in a matter of weeks. The Pooh Bear also has an element of innocence to it, and it is sad that such a classic character in childhood should be trapped in any form.

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