Rat Stencil

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Rat Stencil by Banksy is a series of paintings the graffiti artist has done all over the world. This one appeared in 2002. It shows a black rat with a briefcase and umbrella. He looks at the sky with foreboding. There are nuts and bolts on the painting, suggesting a cover of some sort. The background is a creamy white.

The rat with the briefcase suggests an unscrupulous business person. He is looking up at the sky, holding an umbrella. The climate for business does not look good, and he is having doubts about its survival. He is trying to keep a lid on the problems coming, but nuts and bolts can be removed. The overall feeling of the painting is of a premonition of unpleasantness soon to come. The off-white background suggests the rat is not an innocent in the changes.

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