Rickshaw Kid

Like This Banksy Art?

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Banksy is a unique artist. Born in Bristol, England, the illusive street graffiti artist’s work is well-known worldwide, but Banksy himself still remains somewhat of a mystery. His stenciled street paintings often bring hundreds of thousands of pounds at auction, yet almost nothing is known about the artist himself.

One thing is clear. Banksy has a unique and off-kilter way of looking at the world, and it is this sarcastic and sardonic view of life that has earned the shadowy street artist his well-deserved reputation.

One of his trademarks — if Banksy can be said to have a trademark — is his cutting and often harsh comments on the well-to-do of the world. This is, perhaps, demonstrated best in his tongue-in-cheek yet somehow scathing denouncement of the bourgeoisies uncaring attitude toward the common masses represented by his well-known painting, Rickshaw Kid.

Here, two very fat tourists expect a small, skinny kid to pull them around town in a rickshaw. The small boy and the rickshaw are done in stark black and white with the two fat tourists providing the only spot of color.

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