Rude Coppers

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Rude Coppers first appeared in London, England. This art piece has an undeniably rude impact at first glance and arguably ranks among Banksy’s most forceful prints. Lifting their middle fingers, two policemen insult the passerby while simultaneously making a strong political statement against authority. The print’s oversized fists give the art a sense of depth perception that magnifies the initial impact.

Interestingly, the artist chose to depict the policemen with one arm behind their back, which is a curious depiction since this posture suggests the policemen are hiding something from public view. Youths skeptical of authority would certainly agree with this interpretation. Usually, it is the ornery youth presenting the middle finger to the police, but here, the two policemen flip the bird” in retaliation.

Presenting this art piece on a primary wall would be a great place to hang this humorous print. The rudeness of the art is its greatest asset. Fans of Banksy’s work should be very familiar with this aspect of the artist’s politically slanted prints. Ironically, presenting this art nonchalantly would magnify the print’s rude impact nicely as the passerby notices the large middle fingers suddenly.

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