Silent Night Madonna with Child and iPod

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This print Silent Night Madonna with Child and iPod by the artist Banksy originally appears in London, England. It is one of the few paintings that Banksy has made because his art is mostly graffiti based.

The work is a modern twist on a classic painting of Mary and baby Jesus. At the time that traditional Catholic paintings like this would have been created, it was a good mirror on what the society and culture was like. Religion was a huge facet of society when these paintings were created. Banksy creates a mirror for society in this work as well. Madonna is our version of an important figure, or a general symbol for celebrities and other famous people. She holds an iPod to represent how technology seems to dictate our lives nowadays. Everything is digital, and it seems that sometimes society places more stock on technology such that it is easy to forget the value of traditional interaction. While it may not be the most gorgeous painting, and it may not do the traditional Roman Catholic paintings justice, it does accurately paint what culture and society is like at this time, which is what all artists strive to do.

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